Why I’m Your Guy

Grounded In The Service Industry  & Some  Background

I’ve been in the service industry my entire life. I started out as a drywaller & painter (family trade) throughout high school and early college. I later started a window cleaning and pressure cleaning company while earning my bachelors degree in marketing and management. That was in 2007 and I haven’t looked back. Since then, my cleaning company’s online presence has uniquely set us apart and has generated a ton of irreversible first impressions that simultaneously closed the job while barely lifting a finger.

I know how important that first impression is. I have heard it time and time again that my company’s online appearance, feel, and ease of use was the sole reason clients used our services over our competitors. Not only am I passionate about small serviced based companies online success but I also thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. I knew I had a hidden passion for design & coding during a JavaScript class I took during my sophomore year in college. During the beginning stages of building my cleaning company, I spent countless hours continue studying, watching, and coding my way one line at a time until I had a well crafted online presence.

Proven Track Record!

I continued to ask myself “whats the point of my website?” I wanted my company’s website to be more than an extension of a hum drum business card.  “A website that actually does work for you”.  That is exactly  what I wanted! I needed it to turn prospective clients into paying customers all by itself.  After I was able to answer “what does a visitor want and NEED from my website?” I was then able to recognize their needs and meet them. I can prove to you through 100’s of form entries and countless messages through my personal cleaning companies website site. (Just ask me for proof!). Trust me if you are able to scratch that itch your potential clients have, it will pay dividends more than you can imagine.


It Should Be Easy For You!

I personally know how overwhelming running any company cab be, especially if you are the owner and wearing multiple hats in the company . As time progressed I became fully aware that my time was limited and extremely valuable. I needed to hire professionals in certain fields I didn’t excel in or I didn’t have time for. This experience lead me to believe that is should be easy to find the right web design company (or any other professional service for that matter). Taking  it a step further, providing the information visitors are actually looking for. Such as “Why should I hire this company?” and “what is it going to cost me?”.  That’s why I created this page and  the Instant Quote – Custom Web Design Tool. Take a peak, it only take a few minutes to receive an instant price for the design you are looking for.

I Really Love The Technical Stuff Too!

As much as I thoroughly enjoy  crafting strategic marketing plans and designing elegant direct mail pieces in Adobe Photoshop, there is something to be said for the “introverted” technical stuff on the back end. HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, PARSING, DATABASE, SQL, APACHE, ARRAY, and WEBHOOK- If these terms sound like I’m speaking a different language to you, that’s OK because they should. However, these are only a few of the pieces of the puzzle that go together to create a website with a seamless  user experience.

Having The Right Tool Bag

Designing a website is more than  just knowing how to create a handful of pages that are all linked to each other. Though that is important, many other factors are at play. It takes an exclusive skill set to establish a personal message and uniquely  weave it throughout the entire website. Without getting to technical, it takes more than a few programs to do so. In fact it can require powerful and robust programs to effective do so. This includes photo editing, video editing , FTP Client (software that talks back and forth with the hosting server), HTML/CSS/PHP editors, powerful desktop/laptop computers that can act as a temporary server during extensive updates, and a long list of other online services that all compliment each other for a  fluid workflow. Over the past 8 years I have acquired the right “tool bag” for a seamless and efficient start to finish process.